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Liberty Drug and Surgical is committed to children’s health and well-being. Our compounded preparations are made from pure drug whenever available, rather than crushed commercial tablets or capsules. This results in a more elegant pharmaceutical preparation, without artificial coloring, binders, fillers, and commercial preservatives. This is especially important for children (or adults) who have sensitivities to gluten, dyes or other additives commonly found in commercially manufactured preparations.

We work closely with several Neonatal Intensive Care Units, making sure premature babies can go home from the hospital with accurate, easy-to-use, customized medications.

Children resist taking medication for a number of reasons. A dislike of the taste or texture and difficulty swallowing are usually part of the problem. We can usually solve any challenge you may have in ensuring your child receives his/her medication. A wide variety of dosage forms are available, from pediatric suppositories, lollipops, pleasant tasting liquids, and transdermal gels.