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Nutrition Should Be Your First Prescription for Wellness!

Liberty Drug carries full lines of pharmaceutical grade vitamins and supplements and can help you determine the best products to help you achieve optimal health. Liberty Drug’s trained Nutritional Pharmacists can help you make informed decisions regarding what vitamins and supplements are best for you.

What is a Nutritional Pharmacist?

Nutritional Pharmacy incorporates the traditional study of pharmacy and the study of nutritional therapy. A Nutritional Pharmacist will identify and help treat specific types of nutritional disorders and develop patient-specific nutritional regimens based on detailed dietary history. A Nutritional Pharmacist is especially valuable in counseling patients that are currently on drug therapies to avoid food-drug-supplement interactions such as drug absorption and drug elimination affected by an altered metabolism. Particular problems include salicylate-induced iron deficiency, poor monitoring of vitamin metabolism, the effects of vitamin underuse and overuse, the lack of knowledge about the effects of long-term drug use on vitamin metabolism and the presence of potentially harmful material on non-prescription products.

Stop in and speak with one of our pharmacists today to take charge of your health and learn how you can improve your nutrition to maximize your wellness.

Nutritional Pharmacist, Michele Levine, RPh, is available for patient consultations.